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Make a gift that lasts- our plant boxes go beyond the usual bouquet of flowers that only takes a few days to wither. Surprise your loved ones with something that is unique, good quality, long-lasting, and simply stunning. We deliver each box straight to any address of your choice and organize wonderful gift boxes according to your taste and preferences.

Why choose Plantboxs for your gift?


Handpicked Selection

For each box, we dedicate time to selecting the very best of plants from our farms and help you impress whoever you decide to surprise. We make it easy to give high-quality plants even if you don’t know much about them. We do the hard job, you just enjoy the excitement once the box arrives at its destination.

Freshest Plants

We waste no time in handpicking the plants of the size you chose and packing them with love and care. They will then be shipped promptly to ensure that by the time they reach their destination, they are as fresh as they can possibly be. After all, nothing beats the smell of fresh plants!

Local Delivery

We deliver each plant in perfect condition from our local farm, straight to the door of the recipient of your gift. No need for extra travel and you’re guaranteed that the plants won’t get damaged when they go from one location to the other.

Creative Boxes

More than the classic bouquet of roses, gift a plant box that has been made unique with the help of our experts. Something that your loved one can easily look after and enjoy for longer. Making this a regular gift? Your recipient is in for many wonderful surprises as we provide new colorful varieties every month.

Meet your new favorite plant

What our customers say about our boxes

“I’ve always loved plants but had no idea where to start with buying and looking after them! Plantboxs has solved both of those problems. I’ve been enjoying each box I received since I subscribed!”

- Thomas

“I simply love the variety of plants! They never get boring and always arrive looking absolutely stunning and in great condition. I couldn’t have asked for a better subscription service!”

- Joan

“I surprised my girlfriend with a monthly subscription of the large plants and she was amazed by each one that arrived. One more beautiful than the other! I also love how easily I can manage the subscription via the app.”

- Marcus

A peek inside our boxes

Fern plants

Pineapple plants

Ficus plants

Plants for every occasion

Discover our huge variety of plants, perfect for all occasions. Ranging from colorful tropicals to classic cactus plants and more.