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Medium plants for Beginners

Unveil a World of Green Luxury with Medium Plant Subscriptions by Plantboxs.com 

Are you ready to elevate your life with the beauty of nature? At Plantboxs.com, we believe that a touch of greenery can transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity. Introducing our Medium Plant Subscriptions, the key to unlocking a realm of natural wonder that will leave you spellbound.

Endless Variety: Imagine a world where every month brings a fresh burst of botanical brilliance to your doorstep. With our Medium Plant Subscriptions, you'll never cease to be amazed by the diversity of plants we curate just for you. From lush foliage to captivating succulents, our expert horticulturists handpick the finest green companions to grace your home or office.

A Home Transformed: Your living spaces deserve to shine, and there's no better way to do it than with the power of plants. Watch as your surroundings burst to life with vibrant colors and lush textures. Feel the stress of the day melt away as you immerse yourself in the soothing aura of your own personal oasis.

Health and Wellness: Plants are not just decorations; they are life-enhancing companions. They purify the air you breathe, improve mental well-being, and create a harmonious atmosphere that boosts productivity. With our Medium Plant Subscriptions, you'll invest in your health and happiness every month.

Unmatched Convenience: Your busy life demands simplicity. That's why we've designed our subscriptions to be effortless. Just choose your subscription plan, and we'll handle the rest. Sit back and anticipate the arrival of your botanical surprise, carefully packed and delivered to your door.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips: We're not just sending you plants; we're sending you on a journey of discovery. Each subscription comes with care instructions and plant facts to help you nurture your new green companions. Become a plant expert and cultivate your green thumb with our Plant Care Guide.

Join the Green Revolution. Be a part of a community that understands the power of nature. Join the Plantboxs.com family today, and experience the magic of Medium Plant Subscriptions. It's not just about owning plants; it's about embracing a lifestyle that brings nature closer, enriches your life, and creates unforgettable moments.

Don't wait any longer to embrace the green revolution! Subscribe to our Medium Plant Subscription today and let the enchantment of nature thrive in your world. Your journey to a greener, more beautiful life starts here, at Plantboxs.com. 

Nature brings peace. Bring peace home.

medium plants for Beginners

Inside The Box

Each plant arrives with its own informational card to let you know exactly how you can look after it so that you can enjoy it for longer!





From Our Farms to Your Home

All the plants we personally handpick and send out each month have been grown in our local farm, that’s what guarantees their freshness upon arrival to your home or office. We use the latest plant farming technology to provide the highest level of care to all of our plants and ensure that even when they get moved from one location to another, no damage is done to them. The same applies to the packing process so that whether it’s a gift to yourself or someone else, you can expect the plants to arrive in perfect condition.

Meet Your New Favorite Plant

“I bought this mixed plants subscription as a surprise for my daughter who recently moved out and loves plants. She’s been enjoying every order so far and is super happy about the quality and beauty of the plants.”

- Harry

“I’ve always wanted to decorate my home with lots of colorful plants but never had the chance to research the type I needed and spend hours looking for them in stores. This is SO much easier and I’ve been loving the surprise of receiving a new box every month!”

- Grace

A new way to buy plants!


Purchasing plants from a store can be overwhelming if you don’t have the expertise of a seasoned plant buyer. Choose Plantboxs for a simpler plant shopping experience - we are the ones to handpick easy-to-care plants just for you. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy their natural beauty and follow our clear instructions on how to care for them.